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Pizza Bandit Catering




On Demand Catering


Available within 60 - 90 min

Delivery within 5 mile AVailable, Pick - Up Available


Big Bandit Box - $50

Feeds 4 - 6 people

2 - 18” Pizzas

1 Bandit Bread

12 Dips



(FEEDS 10 - 14)

Three BIG tasty Pies / Two orders of Bandit Bread / One big salad

Choice of 12 bandits / 18 Dips / 3 Dressing Choices




Pre-Planned Catering

Order: email

Order with minimum 48 hour notice

Minimum 20 people // One pizza feeds 4 people

Delivery within 5 mile, Pick - Up Available

No minimum during standard business hours

$350 minimum during non standard business hours


Standard Pizza Party - $6 per person

Choose your selection of standard one topping pizzas

(Additional toppings $.40 per person)

One dip per person


Deluxe Pizza Party - $7 per person

Choose your selection of our specialty pizzas

One dip per person


Add Lil Bandits to your Pizza Party

Pepperoni Rolls

$1 per person


Add Bandit Bread to your Pizza Party

Cheesy Garlic Bread

$1 per person


Add Salad to your Pizza Party

4oz house salad, mixed greens, sunflower seeds, feta, dressing choice

$1 per person


Available Toppings List

Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushroom, Banana Peppers, Pickles, Feta

Specialty Pies List

(One week notice required)

Elote, Crab Rangoon(+$1 per person), Tikki Masalla, Cincinnati Bandit, Lobster Roll (+$1 per person), Prime Rib, Saag Paneer, Tim’s Curry, Shrimp Baja (+$1 per person), Loaded Nacho, Eat Rocks Taco Bell, Cheddar n’ Beef, Son of a Bandit, Pork n’ Pickle, Peachy Pig, Bri Guy Pie, Chili Cheese Fry Pie, Tapas Pie

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pizza bandit favicon.png
Inquire about a Pizza Bandit Catering!

We received your request and will be in contact soon!

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